Nic 707 figures prominently in the history of the New York graffiti movement which began to flourish in the early 1970’s.  Born in Argentina as Fernando Miteff, he is the second oldest son of the famed Argentinian Heavyweight boxer, Pablo Alexis Miteff.  Fernando was raised in The Bronx, where his teenage years converged with the genesis of the City’s radical and youth-driven urban art explosion.  Inspired by the bold antics and ubiquitous works of artists like Phase 2, Checker 170 and P.nut 2, he began as a “tagger” under the names of Stine 169 and Tuc 2.  Fernando adopted Nic 707, his famed nom de guerre, in 1974 as a platform to experiment with combining the “Styles” of earlier artists he admired and creating his own unique styles.  Nic 707’s work became a common site throughout New York’s IRT and IND subway lines as well as any wall that could double as a suitable canvas for his work.

Nic 707 is an early “Style Master,” a rare title of merit that acknowledges daring deeds, exceptional creativity, refined artistic talent and the willingness to share techniques with other artists.

Nic 707’s enduring influence on the world of graffiti includes the mentoring of up and coming artists and noteworthy collaborations with many of the field’s celebrated luminaries.  Of particular note is the success of Nic 707’s protege, NOC 167 (Melvin Samuels, Jr.), who is considered one of graffiti’s legendary talents.  Nic 707 gave him his name, introduced him to the rough and tumble lifestyle of the NYC graffiti artist and helped him develop his Style.  Nic 707 also founded the renowned OTB (“Out to Bomb” or “Only the Best”) graffiti crew and was its first president.  Today, OTB boasts an active membership of thousands of dedicated artists worldwide.

His current contribution to the expansion and acceptance of his beloved art form is the InstaFame Phantom Art Project, which creates a new paradigm for the exhibition of graffiti as subway art, as well as his continued development of character-based art styles such as his “Nicquified” Kilroy characters.  His work has been exhibited in art galleries throughout New York and he regularly participates in charitable art events, along with events which merge graffiti and performance art, as well as panel discussions and lectures on various art and social topics.


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